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26 Feb

Here We Grow

A press release regarding the purchase

states, "MaDex Associates, Inc. &  River Run

Logistics, Inc., transportation companies  

both located in Trenton GA announce that

they have completed the purchase of the

Shaw Industries building on North Main

Street in Trenton .  The purchase puts back

into use a building that has been  primarily

dormant and unoccupied  since 2006.  The

factory was built in 1969, and consists of

190,000 square feet of warehouse & offices ,

sitting on 19 acres.  It opened in 1969 and  

operated under the name Evans Cork

Company (originally) then Evans & Black, and

then later purchased by Shaw Industries, Inc.

of Dalton GA.  It was a vital part of the Shaw

expansion in the 1990's as the location was a

primary provider of polyester fiber converted  

into yarn for use at many of the Shaw

Industries carpet manufacturing plants

across North Georgia. - Story cited from KWNTV/ The Mountain- Valley Independent


     Nathan Wooten, Owner and CEO of both companies commented "The acquisition of the Shaw Building will allow our companies to expand our footprint from Trucking and Intermodal Transportation into Warehousing and re-distribution of our customers products all across the United States and Canada.  Trenton is located ideally within 2 hours of 4 major southeast cities and within a 12 hour (overnight by truck) drive of over 120  million people.  From a transportation perspective, our clients can reach a significant portion of their customers over night from right here in Trenton GA. We are in the perfect location to be a major player in the warehousing and re-distribution business, while Hopefully being able to create a few jobs for Dade Countians along the way."

     Wooten  also stated that "Currently there  are many options available to us with  strategic partners in other industries in regards to use of the old Factory, so whether we utilize the entire facility, or only part of it, some new carpet and a little paint will make the building a viable part of the community once again, in a BIG WAY."

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