River Run Logistics



Located on the outskirts of the most popular tourist city in North America, Chattanooga, TN, River Run Logistics is a third-party logistics provider that deals with local/regional and long-distance loads. We specialize in timeliness, thoroughness, and cost efficiency. And we aren’t just MATCHMAKERS! We take full responsibility for the loads that we deal with. We set the appointments. We make sure that your freight is picked up and delivered on time. And if there is an issue, we deal with it. Not you. We choose to care for our customers. Our very first load contract from January 5, 2007 is still hanging on our wall in a frame on proud display!

We also ship freight to and from Canada and Mexico and have recently entered the ocean freight  and LTL markets. We have experience with every type of load and we continue to do so while minimizing the cost. River Run Logistics doesn’t just want to do business with you, we want to be part of your team. Each load is handled by one of our customer-care representatives with years of experience in the business. Our representatives know how to cater to your individual needs and handle each load individually. We are your one-stop shop transportation solution provider.

Give us a chance to earn your business and you will not be disappointed!

We have the connections, the training, the financial stability and more than 30 years of experience in the business and we know how to handle your freight.

River Run Logistics treats your freight with care. We only employ people with extensive experience (collectively more than 60 years) in the mad, mad world of transportation logistics.

Based on your needs, our nationwide transportation network provides the best  option for you:

  • Expedited
  • LTL Standard
  • LTL Volume
  • Partial Truckload
  • Co-Loading

Simple, accessible, web-based tools give you all the power.

  • Choose from multiple LTL carriers
  • Get instant, reliable rate quotes
  • Effortlessly scheduling pickups
  • Trace and place shipments in real-time
  • Instant access to your comprehensive shipment history

“If you don’t need a full truck, why pay for one?”

Here is what you do...

  • Request a rate through our email address: raterequest@riverrunlogistics.com
  • Provide us with your origin zip, destination zip, weight, freight class, product description, NMFC & dimensions
  • We will run your shipment through the RRD TMS to get you the rate and highest service level possible
  • We will send you alternatives, so you pick the rate and carrier that you like
  • We email you an RRD Bill of lading that Must accompany the shipment—it is how you will qualify for the rate
  • We will call the carrier for pickup
  • Within 7 days of shipment delivery, you will receive a RRD invoice electronically.